ICTA – European Container Terminals (Seconded)

This project was assigned to me by ICT Automatisering, my employer at the time of writing this article.

While working on this project I gained experience with C#, Sharepoint 2007, BizTalk, MVC4, Entity Framework, Javascript, JQuery and Knockout.

European Container Terminals (ECT) processes containers in the harbor of Rotterdam. Processing means loading, unloading, and registering containers from ships, trucks and trains. All these actions require an enormous administration of what, when and where to load or unload containers. Shipping companies and transportation companies send messages to ECT about what containers they are delivering or picking up. ECT then makes a schedule of what containers should be unloaded or loaded per crane.

The application I’m working on processes incoming messages from shipping companies. All messages have to be checked for errors and made ready for use by the operational system. That means that the application should process the information that the companies send into information that the operational system needs. The operational system schedules the container processing.

I designed and implemented the user interface for the application. The application runs as a website in a Sharepoint 2007 farm, I used KnockoutJS in combination with the PagerJS plugin to implement the user interface. Communication with the database is done through a webservice built in MVC4 using Entity Framework for database connection. The total running time of the project was 6 months.