ICTA – PostNL Postal Services (Seconded)

This project was assigned to me by ICT Automatisering, my employer at the time of writing this article.

While working on this project I gained experience with C#, ASP.NET MVC4, Windows Azure, WCF, Javascript, JQuery and Typescript.

PostNL releases an update for their online portal 5 times per year. These projects are exclusively executed by ICT Automatisering. My assignment for this particular release was the MijnPost portal. MijnPost deals with mail orders from businesses. A business can ‘announce’ mail that has to be transported by PostNL by using the MijnPost portal.

MijnPost is a MVC4 application that runs on a distributed server farm on Windows Azure. It communicates with a SAP service provided and maintained by PostNL. A new protocol in PostNL required all users to assign barcodes to registered mail items. I implemented this into the forms of the MijnPost registered mail portal. The assignment lasted for 5 weeks and was my first project while working for ICT Automatisering.