PSA Yardcrane Automation

Developing container terminal automation software for PSA Antwerp, PSA Sines and PSA Voltri.

I designed, developed, documented and deployed multiple system automation projects for container terminals all over Europe. I traveled to two of these terminals for System Integration Tests (SITs) and User Acceptance Tests (UATs).

I was part of three automation projects where I had the following responsibilities

  • Communicating requirements with the customer.
  • Designing the solution together with two other architects.
  • Overseeing the development and communicating with a team of developers about the requirements. I also developed parts of the solution myself, when time permitted.
  • Installing and testing the product on-site in both Antwerp (Belgium) and Sines (Portugal).
  • Integrating our software with 3rd party suppliers, both on- and off-site.
  • Remote support of our solutions from our office in Barendrecht, Netherlands.

I worked with: Java 8, Spring Framework, JSP, KnockoutJS, jQuery, IntelliJ, Tomcat, Microsoft SQL, LDAP, VSTS (git and build).


Our other projects

vdMeer Software Websites Platform

A solo project where I've created a new and easy to use CMS for small business owners to quickly create simple websites.

PSA Quaycrane OCR

Full-stack developer and designer for container OCR on quay cranes on a large container terminal.

PSA Yardcrane Remote Control

Full-stack developer and designer for remote control of yard cranes on a large container terminal.

ECT Electronic Order Handling System

Full-Stack developer for a high-volume electronic order system.

24green Climate Computer

Full-stack developer for a new generation of climate management computer, developed for the cloud.